We Are Energy Co-operative Limited is an organisation united by a vision: to offer at no upfront cost to cover every roof in the UK, so that all their surfaces are capturing solar energy to provide for a sustainable, clean and healthy environment for all.




We choose to put others first and care for the well-being of our planet and its people, both now and in the future.



We accelerate new and sustainable solutions for the world's biggest problems.



We work locally and globally, with individuals, communities and partners to make a tangible difference.


Our mission is to build a co-operative that serves to ensure its people, partners and customers can share positive actions that help to protect our planet and deliver our vision.
We’ll do that initially by covering every roof in the UK, so that all their surfaces can generate electricity using solar photovoltaic panels. We will develop tools and services to help our members use the energy they need in the most caring, creative and collaborative ways - helping to reduce energy consumption and energy costs for all.


In the future we want to include the planting of food gardens and systems to help contribute to cleaning the air we breathe, storing carbon and helping bring down the temperature.
Together with other committed organisations, we will help to build greener, smarter places to live: at home, at work and when we are out and about. A world we are proud to leave for the next generation.
We're already planning many exciting new ways to help the wider society — like donating energy to help prevent energy poverty for example.
Now is the time. Act with us.



We received our co-operative society regulated status from the UK's Financial Conduct Authority in 2020 on the basis that we'll give an equal voice to all our members to help decide on our future. This includes our staff, our paying user members and consumer members - like their families - as well as our partners who help us to deliver the services we offer. Our membership is voluntary and open to all our stakeholders.
We are a business driven by values (caring, creative and collaborative) not by the payment of capital. It's no coincidence that we are launching in 2020. No longer can we sit back and wait for others to make things better for our children or soothe our conscience on the sofa of ethical consumerism. This is the decade to be active and intentional in our choices, to make our world a better place with clarity of purpose and positive action.


We are inspired by the fight against climate change and the growing awareness of the impact of our actions on the sustainability of our planet.
We support the United Nations sustainable development goals, especially Goal 7 that aims to ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern renewable energy

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