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We Are Energy is a new green energy services co-operative, designed to give every household and business the opportunity to generate, store and control their own renewable energy at no upfront cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Please sign up using the form below and we'll contact you when we're ready to launch in your area. Initially you’ll need to be in the South, South-East or South-West of England. But very soon afterwards we’re hoping to be nearly everywhere in the UK - England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. There are some minor exceptions where we can’t yet connect you.
Please sign up, wherever you are in the UK, and we'll get back to you when we are ready to launch in your area.

A: We will install our superior, guaranteed and maintained equipment that includes the latest high performance solar panels on your roof, an inverter* , a smart meter panel and a battery which can be fitted inside or outside, in a garage or loft, or under the stairs. * The inverter transforms the dc current from the solar panels into ac current to use in your property.

The smart meter panel will show you how much electricity is being generated, how much is in your battery store, and how much you are using. It also links to the app that all our customers can download to give you full control and visibility of the system as well.

The smart meter also provides links back to our systems so we only bill you for the energy you have used and helps us ensure everything is working properly - it can advise us if there are any problems with the system which we'll fix remotely, or if that's not possible, we'll arrange to come and fix things as soon as we can and at a convenient time for you.

A: You’ll need to have a property with access to a South or West facing roof with space that can accommodate 10 - 12 panels (our standard 4kWp solar system has 11 panels). Our current panels are approximately 1.75m tall by 1m wide, so you'll need about 20 - 25 square meters. (We're continually working with our suppliers to improve the efficiency of the panels we supply so we can still guarantee a minimum electricity generation per site whilst needing fewer panels and a smaller amount of roof space).

A: Yes, the contract with you needs to ensure that we are able to access the equipment so that we can make sure that it is operating and delivering the most efficient service for you and to carry out any necessary maintenance. As the system very rarely has any faults, we're not expecting this to be a regular thing and have planned for around 3 visits in the contract period. These visits will only happen with appointments arranged when it’s convenient with you of course.

A: You pay for the energy you use based on our tariff for the region you live in. Remember we only supply 100% renewable electricity.

Whilst you are in your contract period, with our price promise guarantee, that means you’ll never pay more than the UK average price-cap, published twice yearly by Ofgem, for your electricity. We’ll work out a flat monthly rate based on your current usage, so you know what to budget for once everything has been installed and your supply switched over to us.

After your contract has finished you’ll pay nothing for the electricity you use that’s generated by your system and you'll only pay for any extra electricity that we import for you. The extra electricity that we deliver to you will mainly be delivered to your property at off-peak times and you’ll only pay off-peak rates for that - these are on average about 40% less than peak rates. There may be rare times when we have to provide you with electricity at peak times and if that’s the case we’ll charge you at the standard tariff rate you’ve been paying previously.

For example, after your contract has finished, your electricity should cost you about 75% less than the average electricity fuel bill for the rest of the 25 years that the system is guaranteed to last.

After 10 years we calculate savings of over £4,500* and up to £39,200* after 25 years. Plus all the other benefits you'll have given to the planet's future and your property as well!

*Savings and costs are based on a comparison with average latest Ofgem quoted price cap for a London customer with no upfront contribution on an 8 year contract, consuming 3,800kWh electricity, assuming bills rise by inflation at 3% per year and whose consumption rises 1.5% per year for electricity.

A: You can sell your property at any time. An improved EPC rating, lower energy bills and sustainable living are attractive to house buyers. There are a few options you can choose from:-

We can arrange to transfer the service to the new owner.

Or, you can buy the equipment outright to add additional value to your property as it’ll generate free electricity for the new owners.

Or, for a small fee we can move it to your new property if you’d like to keep the system and continue the contract term.

Or, we can also remove it at a smaller cost than you’d pay to buy it outright, again this will depend on how long you’ve been a customer.

A: There is a contract with us for the installation of the system. Should you wish to terminate the contract early, we can remove the system from your property at a cost dependent on how much of your contract has left to run.

A: The price will depend on how much longer the contract has left to run. We will advise you once you contact us.

A: You don’t need to. If you have a mortgage, we’ll contact your provider to secure their permission.

We will provide you with a bill which you’ll pay by direct debit every month. You’ll know what the bill is 10 days before the payment is taken.

A: Installing our system is a fairly simple process. From start to finish, it usually takes just one or two days to fit the solar panels, inverter, meters and battery. A team from our local trained and qualified installation partners will oversee the entire process, including the positioning and removal of scaffolding if it’s needed.

A: Once the period of your contract is up, ownership of the equipment will be transferred to you. The solar panels we install have a performance warranty of 25 years, so you’ll still be able to generate clean, renewable energy for many years to come. The energy they generate is yours to use in your property at no cost from this time on.

Any extra electricity you need - during the darker months for example - will mainly be imported from our renewable generation partners at off-peak times and you’ll be charged at the discounted end of contract off-peak rate. This is normally at least 40% less than the average UK price.

You’ll also get given shares in the business you’ve helped make based on your bills to date and your continued fuel use. And you'll be eligible for dividends and rebates on the energy you put back into the system.

A: When you choose to join us as a customer, you will be required to sign a number of documents allowing us to contact your mortgage provider if you have one, secure a lease for your roof and set up a direct debit for your electricity payments. If you’re unsure about anything, we recommend speaking with a qualified solicitor.

If you have any more questions don't hesitate to Contact Us and we'll get back to you asap with our answer. :-)

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