No upfront cost to #savetheplanet

We Are Energy is a new green energy services co-operative, designed to give every household and business the opportunity to generate, store and control their own renewable energy at No Upfront Cost.*

Act now to fight climate change

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* No Upfront Cost means you pay nothing to install our superior solar generation and battery storage system.

Just pay for the energy you use, just like you do now. And save 16 tonnes of CO2 over the first 10 years.


Become part of our distributed electricity generation co-operative.

We will install our superior 4kW solar photo-voltaic panels system, 13.5 kWhr battery storage and smart control system at no upfront cost to you.

The Green Energy

It's green energy, but not as you know it.
We're a registered co-operative society, so when you join, you'll become a member and part-owner in the business.
Our customers, employees and partners, with one vote each, can help guide our future development and share in the future successes of the co-operative.


Save Money now & more in the future

Our price promise guarantees you save up to 15% on average UK prices as published by Ofgem.
Our 10 year contract has savings over £1500.
Then after the initial 10 year contract period, all the electricity you generate is free to use for the lifespan of the panels.
And as a member you'll be eligible for dividends based on all the bills you've paid since you joined.


Be the change, join the revolution

We will install, operate and maintain a complete solar powered energy system at no upfront cost to you.
Includes solar panels, battery storage, and a smart controller.
Together we'll fight #climatechange and help you use the energy you need in a caring, efficient and engaging way.


With 100% renewable electricity from your own solar panels and battery storage you'll be energy resilient when you join us

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